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Principal College of Fine Arts Manoj V

With due respect for all the great educators and artists, who lead the college from its beginnings, and with affection for my teachers and seniors who steered the institution to its achievements I take up the task along with the teaching and non-teaching staff to advance the efforts to uphold this college as a premium centre for learning and practicing visual arts. The objective would be to improve the facilities so as to make the teaching and learning process more effective and productive and to extend support and nurture the young creative minds to grow par with the international sphere of art and design. My duty will be to co-ordinate the administration and the academic activities so as to enable a peaceful, yet energizing, environment for widening the scope of artistic creativity and theoretical learning in the campus. Art and Design are not just activities involving skills but are also dynamic platforms for shaping life and society at large through conducive, artistic interventions. The College of Fine Arts Kerala plays the positive catalyst to emerge out with the best of the artists and designers in India and will continue so.

Prof. Manoj V.



Renjini E



Front row (L to R): Prasanthkumar R.S. (Clerk HG), Abdul Salam A. (Head Accountant),

Renjini E. (Senior Superintendent), Seena Mol N.B.(Confidential Asst. Sr.Gr.),

Suma T. (Senior Clerk), Sibi S. (L.D. Typist).

Back row (L to R): Ratheesh V.R. (Office Attendant), Dileep D. (Non-technical Attender)

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